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Playing the piano supports child's intellectual development, increasing their levels of concentration. Children who play the piano learn more efficiently and exhibit better social competences, integrating themselves easier into social structures.

Adults who play piano are also improving their overall efficiency and concentration levels. Adults also have been shown to react more appropriate and competent in stress situations.

Piano playing helps older people improve their intellectual and mental fitness. These effects are based on scientific research and can be observed whenever you meet a piano player.

The positive effects of the piano playing as a fountain of youth has been related in numerous scientific studies.

Clarkson Piano Studio Welcomes You!

Welcome to our Clarkson Piano Studio, a family-run School of Music, where we teach piano and we enthusiastically promote the life-long, multiple benefits of the study of piano and music, since 1994!

Everyone is enriched through the study of music in terms of personal satisfaction, enhanced creativity and self-expression and increased awareness and self-confidence.

Music is powerful stress-reliever and "remedy for heart and mind". 

Music is forever! 

Join us, enroll today and share our deep believes in music's life affirming qualities.

We are proud of our European Education and Canadian Teaching Experience!

A Study from Karolinska Institut, Stockholm, Sweeden: Scientists shed light on creativity...

A study of PIANO is considered to be one of the most comprehensive, if not the most comprehensive educational tools of all.

Learning to play the piano is rather challenging yet incredibly beneficial educational experience that builds more then piano playing skills:

Piano lessons build skills for life!

Free WiFi in our indoor or outdoor waiting area!

From our family to yours:

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  • Meet our teachers, ask all the questions
  • Tour our facility, try our pianos
  • Refreshments....& more - contact us or call 416.837.7381 for your appointment today - WELCOME!

Clarkson Piano Studio Summer Recital: Celebrating Remarkable Students' Progress 

Thank you all for attending another great Clarkson Piano Studio's Event!

Well done!

Our Sunday June 13 SUMMER Recital, presented great student and teacher effort! And, hats off to all the parents for their support!

Congratulations to all students and participants on their great performances @ Clarkson Piano Studio's Summer Recital featuring the most important performers of all - our students!

"Our Musical Gift To You" enthusiastically received after-program followed the students' performances and included classical and popular selections!