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image showing 88 black and white piano keys. please use full 88 note piano keyboard, digital piano or acoustic piano for your piano lessons and practice at home. piano keyboard, black and white piano keys. 88 note piano keyboard. piano lessons. pianos for sale.
clarkson piano studio in clarkson mississauga, private piano lessons since 1994



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Clarkson Piano Studio Lessons For All Levels Ages

More than just music - Additional Articles on the value of piano study: 

The Benefits of Piano and Music Study are many.

This PBS article delivers some interesting points on the study of piano and music that are boosting the following areas:

  • Language development
  • Increased IQ
  • The Brain Works harder producing the larger growth of neural activity
  • Spatial-temporal skills
  • Improved test scores
  • Being Musical, of course, is a gift for life!


The year 2020 remains to be "the COVID 19 year to remember", with events that affected all of us.

As the economy, business and life move on and New 2020/2021 School Year is here, our family is thrilled to continue on with our mission of enriching lives with the beauty of piano, since 1994! We are continuing to provide our services; we welcome back our students, we are here to enroll, provide guidance to new students and to continue delivering the joy of music, literally in form of our pianos, piano lessons on-line or on-site and other services in time to come. 

The unprecedented months behind us have also reminded us all of the immense beauty, power, benefits and sheer JOY OF MUSIC MAKING. It has been wonderful to experience incredible interest in music lessons, and piano sales in the past 6+ months. It has been true joy and privilege to be of service to our clients, students and communities. But most of all is the beautiful reality of how many of us have found refuge in music's soothing, rejuvenating, re-energizing qualities. During the unprecedented times of self-isolation, the magic beauty of those black & white keys has been a comforting force of human expression unlike any other. In our home, your home, homes and places around the World!

A refreshing reminder of music's and piano's timeless beauty, of music being that outlet for expressing our emotions, that medium of creativity, sharing, friendship, cooperation, collaboration - medium and POWER that reaches across borders, continents, cultures. Universal force and the language of peace and unity! Piano study is that incredibly powerful educational, developmental activity for our children and a soothing, stress relief hobby for humans of any age!

At Clarkson Piano, the well-being, health and safety of our students, parents, families, clients and visitors has been our very top priority. While we are cautiously optimistic about times ahead, we celebrate the start of the new year by adhering to strict Government Regulations, necessary guidelines, restrictions and steps that ensure a safe, clean, yet enjoyable learning environment. We have gone above and beyond by providing the by appointment only business practice, lowest traffic possible and the specious teaching studio of rarely seen generous size, ensuring plenty of social distancing space.

Guided by Government’s compliance requirements, here is a list of precautions and measures implemented to ensure the safest, cleanest teaching environment:

• ON-LINE LESSONS remain available

• NO GROUP CLASSES: We have always been a one-at-the-time, individual lessons teaching facility and not a big-box school

• SEVEN (7) sanitized PIANOS in our spacious studio

• Only student and teacher allowed in the Studio

• The waiting/seating areas are CLOSED: Parents are asked to drop off student and wait outside or preferably in the car

• The COVID19 signage created by HEALTH CANADA and CDC (Centre for Disease Control) is prominently displayed with instructions, warnings and educational input available to all Clarkson Piano visitors, students, parents and clients

• Our facility and all commonly used surfaces including the doors, knobs and indeed pianos/keys used for teaching is sanitized before and after every entry/lesson

• WEARING OF FACE COVERING/MASK is MANDATORY. If you don't have a mask, we will provide one.

• Multiple hand sanitizing stations have been provided and are available for unlimited use

• The usage of 6' long pointer, helps to maintain a safe distance at all times


Any retail-, piano service-, or new student orientation- related visit is done BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, at the day/time OUTSIDE of Studio's teaching schedule. Please contact us to set up your appointment.

CLARKSON Piano Studio

RCM Program & Examinations Specialists - LOVE PIANO WITH US!

Any retail-, piano service-, or new student orientation -related visit is done BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, at the day/time OUTSIDE of Studio's teaching schedule. Please contact us to set up y​our appointment - WELCOME!

Clarkson Piano Studio offering Adult Piano Lessons:

The following is very informative article available at RCM website about Psychotherapist, Robin Roger and her decision to revisit the piano study as an adult.

"Have you ever felt you had to take your brain to boot camp? Psychotherapist Robin Roger certainly did, and her brain-building efforts were chronicled in The Globe and Mail." more